Michael B.
Manager of Operations Service

bio_Michael4A passionate and hard-working person who is always striving for perfection, Michael is the Manager of Operations Services at the Restaurant Support Center. Working in the major communications hub of Mimi’s, he works with every single department. The 20 years spent with the company prove his passion for what he does and Mimi’s Cafe as a whole. Originally hired as a server, he moved up the ranks quickly. At a young age, he made the transition from manager to General Manager.

His successes as a General Manager run the gamut from seeing zero turnovers in a single year, and a sales increase at his restaurant of 18% in 12 months, to eventually running a training restaurant that became so exceptional it eventually served as the ‘testing’ site for the whole brand.

When Michael wanted a new challenge, he found himself at the corporate level. He has thrived in the corporate environment, even though he was not used to sitting still. Taking the passion, energy and joie de vivre he picked up from restaurant culture to the corporate level helped earn him the President’s Award.

Michael always disliked that Mimi’s was called a chain. “We are unique. Just like the people that work here, every Mimi’s has its own personality.”

It has been Michael’s experience that when you have the Mimi’s logo on your shirt, people treat you like a celebrity. They come up and tell you they love your food—it even happened to him at the hospital on the day he was waiting for the birth of his child.

For Michael, Mimi’s is more than a place to work … it is a part of who he is. It’s his family. “At Mimi’s, you are never alone. You are part of a team.”

Michael feels like Mimi’s is going back to the future in a sense. With heritage items and a renewed culinary vision, he thinks the future of Mimi’s is incredibly bright.