Kristina M.
General Manager

bio_KristinaKristina is a true testament to the possibilities Mimi’s Cafe offers its employees.

Kristina’s legacy at Mimi’s Cafe began the way many customers’ love for the restaurant begins … with a muffin. A Carrot Raisin Nut Muffin in Kristina’s case. A friend who worked at Mimi’s suggested she come in and try one. The next thing she knew, at only 16 years old, she was a hostess at the Mission Valley restaurant. After getting a degree in biology, she yearned for human interaction. She decided to stay at Mimi’s, and she is now General Manager of that same restaurant.

She loves that no two days are the same and that over the years she gets to see her customers grow from a baby in a mom’s belly to an adult.

What does she look for when hiring? Passion, energy and people that truly care. She believes, “One person does not make a restaurant, we all have to work together.” Kristina leads by inspiration and by example, asking, “Why berate when you can inspire?”

Kristina is excited about the future and possibilities at Mimi’s and that the little things that made the brand unique are coming back. She hopes her next 15 years at Mimi’s are as simply magnifique as her last.

Kristina knows first-hand the possibilities Mimi’s has to offer, saying, “Mimi’s is a place to grow! There’s always room for growth.”