Paul B.
Culinary Manager

bio_paulPaul takes a special pride in his work and the food that comes out of the kitchens of Mimi’s. Paul started at Mimi’s as a dishwasher. One day a manager saw something special in him—a certain je ne sais quoi. Nine years later, he is the Culinary Manager for one of our Orange County, CA restaurants!

When he’s wearing his black chef’s coat, he and his family feel a certain level of pride for the leadership role and sense of accomplishment it represents.

“Everything I cook—I want it to be as good as if I was cooking at home,” says Paul. This mentality and level of pride is what makes Mimi’s a restaurant where guests feel comforted and at home.

Paul loves 100% of his job. He loves helping his team, being someone they can always count on, and dropping in to help even on days off. He has been known to hand deliver food when needed. He always makes sure his restaurant has everything it needs. He goes above and beyond and believes happiness comes from helping others. That joie de servir is what makes service at Mimi’s truly exceptional.

At Mimi’s Cafe, we’re always searching for people like Paul who take pride in their work.