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Mimi’s Cafe has a rich history of inspired food and unparalleled service that has lasted more than three decades, and we want you to be a part of it! Our employees are not just employees—they’re members of the Mimi’s family. Guests often talk about the warm and sincere environment they experience at our restaurant, and guess what? So do our employees! The potential for exciting growth and change is greater than ever right now with Mimi’s making a substantial investment in existing restaurants.

But don’t take our word for it. Read about these employees who progressed from hourly positions to key leadership roles!

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Paul B.
Culinary Manager

Paul takes a special pride in his work and the food that comes out of the kitchens of Mimi’s. Paul started at Mimi’s as a dishwasher. One day a manager saw something special in him—a certain je ne sais quoi. Nine years later, he is the Culinary Manager for one of our Orange County, CA restaurants!

When he’s wearing his black chef’s coat, he and his family feel a certain level of pride for the leadership role and sense of accomplishment it represents.

“Everything I cook—I want it to be as good as if I was cooking at home,” says Paul. This mentality and level of pride is what makes Mimi’s a restaurant where guests feel comforted and at home.

Paul loves 100% of his job. He loves helping his team, being someone they can always count on, and dropping in to help even on days off. He has been known to hand deliver food when needed. He always makes sure his restaurant has everything it needs. He goes above and beyond and believes happiness comes from helping others. That joie de servir is what makes service at Mimi’s truly exceptional.

At Mimi’s Cafe, we’re always searching for people like Paul who take pride in their work.

Kristina M.
General Manager

Kristina is a true testament to the possibilities Mimi’s Cafe offers its employees.

Kristina’s legacy at Mimi’s Cafe began in the way many customers’ love for the restaurant begins … with a muffin. A Carrot Raisin Nut Muffin in Kristina’s case. A friend who worked at Mimi’s suggested she come in and try one. The next thing she knew, at only 16 years old, she was a hostess at the Mission Valley restaurant. Today she is General Manager of that same location.

She loves that no two days are the same and that over the years she gets to see her customers grow from a baby in a mom’s belly to an adult. What does she look for when hiring? Passion, energy and people that truly care. She believes, “One person does not make a restaurant, we all have to work together.” Kristina leads by inspiration and by example, asking, “Why berate when you can inspire?”

Kristina is excited about the future and possibilities at Mimi’s and that the little things that made the brand unique are coming back. She hopes her next 15 years at Mimi’s are as simply magnifique as her last.

Kristina knows first-hand the possibilities Mimi’s has to offer, saying, “Mimi’s is a place to grow! There’s always room for growth.”


Why work for Mimi's Cafe?

Why work for Mimi's Cafe? At Mimi's we believe it's all about the passion for our food and guests, the pride in the brand, and the possibility of the future.


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For our guests The story of Mimi's started with two special people. Arthur J. Simms was inspired by the beauty, foods and flavor of France and a woman he met there named Mimi. Today at Mimi's, we embody this inspiration, and we provide the same warmth and sincerity that one would offer a guest in their home. When you work for Mimi's, you become part of the family

For serving quality, innovative food Mimi's is known for its fresh, original, French-inspired food, and we continue to develop exciting new 'Mimi's-centric' products. Our peo ple are passionate about serving consistently satisfying, high-quality meals and dining experiences to our guests

For comprehensive, continuous development At Mimi's we have a hands-on training program that includes department and management training. Our continuous training takes a progressive, systematic approach to hourly and management training, including development plans for each position that are designed to take our people to the next level

In a heritage that has lasted more than three decades The purchase of Mimi's by Le Duff America (LDA) continues our legacy of quality food and service with the supporting LDA pillars like friendship, respect, winning together, unwavering quality, listening, Joie de Servir, and French authenticity

In the unique, welcoming, French-inspired atmosphere Our restaurants have an unmistakable ambiance, and we provide a full-service experience that includes thoughtful, detailed architecture reminiscent of a French chateau. It's like the charm of a Parisian bistro in your own neighborhood

Of where Mimi's is heading as a brand We are refocusing our efforts to enhance the authenticity and freshness in our signature Mimi's dishes to strengthen our brand and reputation as a fixture in French-inspired cuisine

Of where you can go with your career and development Mimi's authentic culture provides a real and meaningful platform for personal and professional growth. We have many people at Mimi's who have grown professionally and progressed from hourly positions to key leadership roles

Of the potential for exciting change and growth We will be investing tens of millions of dollars into the existing Mimi's restaurants to ensure that we provide one-of-a-kind dining and to ensure that Mimi's remains a great place to work